Undue influence claims are more likely in families suffering from internal conflict, or where family members are excluded. Unfortunately, the proliferation of do-it-yourself estate planning and access to beneficiary designations has made it even easier to deprive others of their inheritance. If you are the victim of inheritance fraud you have rights and need to take immediate action to protect your inheritance.
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The one certainty of litigation, regardless of the type, is that is it costly to all parties who participate in it. When contesting or defending a Will in the context of probate litigation, there are exceptions wherein the Estate may pay counsel fees for the defense of the Will, the party prosecuting to invalidate a Will, or for both parties. This issue is important for all parties to consider in deciding whether to contest a Will or to vigorously defend one.
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Often times, attorneys may be bombarded by family members or relatives with requests to provide free legal services which a family member or relative may request. One typical request might be that a family member may request if the attorney could draft a Will for them. While this may seem like a simple and good idea, it is one that could have disastrous consequences which could lead to future Estate Litigation.
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