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As the student loan scandal widens, it seems that most colleges and universities will have to examine and modify any existing internal policies that outline appropriate conduct between employees and outside service providers.
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New Jersey’s Attorney General is under investigation for coming to the scene of her boyfriend’s traffic stop. The matter in question is whether or not her boyfriend received special treatment because the attorney general was there. Scott Unger commented on the situation for the Associated Press.
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Today’s Trenton Times reports on Mercer County College President Robert Rose’s meeting with the school’s board of trustees. The board is investigating financial practices at the school. Kevin Hart, Chair of the Firm’s Corporate Investigation and White Collar group, attended this meeting with his client Rose.
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A turf war seems to have erupted between United States Attorney Christopher Christie and State law enforcement officials such as Attorney General Peter Harvey and Monmouth County Prosecutor John Kaye. One has to ask if the strife between these powerful officials is hindering the effective prosecution of corrupt public officials, or is it just another “black eye” for New Jersey.
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Kevin Hart, Chair of Stark & Stark’s Corporate Investigation and White Collar Group, was interviewed by WNBC News New York regarding Acting New Jersey Governor Richard Codey’s executive order creating the position of Inspector General for the State. The new Inspector General’s mission will be to “ferret out fraud and wasteful spending at all levels of government”.
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