There is no doubt that in this day and age that the Internet is a primary resource which people use to find a company from which to purchase items from or to obtain services. Often times, consumers may search a specific website to obtain reviews as to the materials or services which your company may

Recently, I was the attorney who prosecuted the matter of Dana Goldhaber vs. Charles Kohlenberg. This case dealt with Internet defamation and the jurisdiction of Courts to hear a matter. This case has been widely cited by Courts across the Country and its importance continues to grow. My words of wisdom that are bestowed upon any party that participates in Internet news groups, Facebook, or other chat rooms, is that they should not post anything on the internet that they wouldn’t want their own mother to read. Moreover, they should not assume that an Internet chat room or a similar board is a “free for all” and that there are no potential repercussions for things they have posted. On the contrary, information posted on the Internet is akin to publishing the information in print.
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