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This blog was co-authored with my colleague Tom Onder, Esq.

Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia in September. The visit will attract millions of visitors from around the world. A quick look at prior Pontiff visits shows the enormous influx of people that the Pope attracts to other global cities:


Global City

3.5 Million

Copacabana Beach, Rio, Brazil in 2013

6.6 Million

Vatican in 2014

6 Million

Manila, Philippines in 2015

+2 Million

Expected to see the Pope in Philadelphia  [1]

Many commercial, retail and other property owners are now planning to benefit from the multitude that come to see the Pope when he visits the United States in September. Currently, the Papal itinerary has him in Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia.

Bigger Economic Impact than the Super Bowl

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The National Association of Homebuilders released a report, consistent with our predictions, indicating that approved lots ready for construction are a scarcity. 62% of builders indicate that the supply of developed lots is low or very low. This phenomenon, at record levels since at least 1997 when records were kept, is likely due to

As you are undoubtedly well aware, the March 10, 2015 ruling from the New Jersey Supreme Court stripping the Council On Affordable Housing (COAH) of their oversight of the constitutional obligation of every municipality in New Jersey to plan for and accommodate affordable housing has effectively changed the rules for all of us.

The Rules

Various sources, including NJBiz, have reported that Mayor Fulop and Jersey City are pushing forward an ordinance largely prohibiting chain businesses, i.e., any business that has 10 or more locations within 300 miles from the City. If challenged, will the ordinance pass legal muster? Arguably not.

Generally land use ordinances must advance the purposes

The New Jersey Appellate Division recently issued an unpublished decision that shows that good leases and procedures can help landlords prevent problems as well as make and save money. Rondell L. Thurman, Et Al vs. Lindenwold Center LLC., A-5364-12T4 (App. Div., March 9, 2015). The trial court dismissed claims of tenants because they were litigated

Shopping centers are thriving much to the apparent surprise of the media, which has been predicting a demise of centers as we know them, including malls. An interesting article in Shopping Centers Today, a publication by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), is based upon a report by ICSC. Unfortunately, the article cannot be

On October 16, 2014, the Appellate Division issued a case for publication concerning a tenant’s right to transfer a non-payment eviction matter to the law division. The Appellate Division in Bejoray, Inc. v. Academy House Child Development Center, A-5161-12T3 held that a tenant’s request to transfer an eviction matter, when it asserted claims for negligent misrepresentation and breach of contract for damages and rescission of the lease, should have been granted. This case is very important for commercial landlords in New Jersey as it raises a number of issues that should be addressed prior to proceeding with an eviction action.
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Whether you’re a real estate developer, owner and/or landlord of commercial, retail, industrial or residential property, you know compliance with state and municipal laws is key to operations. If you fail to comply with existing laws, you can suffer penalties, losses and setbacks. This maxim was recently illustrated for a landlord that had its eviction case die for failing to legally comply with New Jersey notice requirements to evict.
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There’s a big demand for multi-family and mixed use properties in New Jersey. Savvy owners have an opportunity to provide valuable housing and make a good profit at the same time. However, New Jersey has very strict residential leasing laws. If you violate these laws when leasing and operating properties, you can lose money and suffer civil, as well as possible criminal penalties. The good news is that adept counsel can help you to comply with these residential laws.
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