What are the different types of association meetings? How do you know what type of meeting to have? Community associations have board meetings and member meetings; knowing the difference and scheduling the right meeting is critical.

Board Meetings for Community Associations

At board meetings, the board of trustees conducts its business. The board may have working sessions, executive sessions, and open sessions. At an open board meeting, the board may vote to approve contracts, adopt rules and regulations, or make other binding decisions for the association. All binding decisions of the board must be made at an open board meeting, however, for confidential matters the decisions must be approved without disclosing confidences.

Member Meetings for Community Associations

At member meetings, the unit owners conduct their business. The members will have an annual meeting and may also have special meetings when necessary. At the annual meeting, the members typically vote for trustees. At special meetings, members may vote for trustees (such as special transition elections or replacement of trustees) but may also vote on other issues such as special assessments, amendments, or questions.

Because they are different types of meetings, board meetings and member meetings have different notice requirements and quorum requirements and should have their own agendas and minutes. Make sure you know what type of meeting you are having.