On March 20, 2020, the IRS issued Notice 2020-18, updating their Notice issued two days earlier. Notice 2020-18 extended the payment date AND the filing date for income tax returns from April 15 to July 15, 2020. This includes income tax returns for individuals, trusts, estates, partnerships, associations, companies and corporations.

This new filing date applies to 2019 income tax returns due on April 15th, and the first estimated income tax payment for the 2020 tax year, also due on April 15th. Although the next estimated income tax payment will be due on June 15th, prior to the July 15th due date, that payment has not been extended.

By Notice 2020-20, the IRS also extended the filing and payment of the gift tax and generation-skipping transfer tax returns (Form 709) to July 15, 2020.

Please note that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS has closed all of their Taxpayer Assistance Centers and discontinued face-to-face service throughout the country until further notice. To obtain information, visit www.IRS.gov.

New Jersey – On April 1st, Governor Murphy, Senate President Steve Sweeney, and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin reached agreement that the state income tax filing deadline and corporate business tax filing will be extended to July 15th. Call centers and email service are operating with reduced staff, on a modified schedule: Monday – Thursday, from 9 am. – 4 pm.

Pennsylvania – The Department of Revenue has extended the filing and payment deadline for 2019 income tax returns from April 15th to July 15th, as well as the filing and payment of the first quarterly estimate for 2020 tax returns. Differing from the IRS, Pennsylvania also extended the filing and payment of the second quarterly estimate for 2020 from June 15th to July 15th.

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