Recently, the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts provided statistics which seem to confirm that the upcoming spring season will bring with it a significant uptick in the number of divorce filings. Such data supports what divorce lawyers have long known; namely, that increased filings are the result of many couple’s New Year resolutions to put their unhappy marriages “in the rear-view mirror,” along with the time it takes for their attorneys to gather information, prepare, and file the Complaints for Divorce.

As a result, it probably would not surprise you to learn that the lowest number of filings occur during the holiday season immediately preceding the New Year. Meanwhile, it’s been shown that divorce filings tend to increase again around September, after summer vacations end and children go back to school.

Even though the decision to file for divorce is personal, the overarching statistics show that there are measurable patterns that repeat from year to year. Despite the data, anyone seeking legal divorce advice should consult with counsel who specialize in or devote a substantial part of their practice to family law, as each case deserves particularized attention to achieve a successful outcome.