Stark & Stark Associate Marshall T. Kizner, member of the Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights Group, authored the article Legislation Aims to Strengthen Relationship between Breweries, Local Businesses, which was published on on November 24, 2015.

The article describes recent legislation in New Jersey that allowed craft breweries to create a limited brewery license, otherwise known as a Craft Brewery License. This new license was so critical because it “finally allowed brewers an affordable option for small-scale production that had been long missing from the state.”

With a Craft Brewery License, however, brewers are not allowed to sell food or operate a restaurant inside the brewery. In order to sell food on site, the brewery must own a plenary retail consumption license, run the restaurant on site, and also receive a Brew Pub License. An additional difference between a Craft Brewery License and a Brew Pub License is the quantity of beer that can be produced in a year. Mr. Kizner writes, “Brew pubs are limited to the sale of 10,000 barrels of beer a year, opposed to 300,000 barrels a year under the Craft Brewery License.”

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