Attorney Marshall T. Kizner, Esq., member of Stark & Stark’s Beer & Spirits and Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights groups, authored the article “Non-Compete Agreements Important for Protecting Beverage Secrets,” which was published by Beverage Industry Magazine on September 15, 2014.

The article discusses the why it is so important to have employees agree to non-compete and confidentiality agreements in the brewery and spirits trade. Mr. Kizner said, “Nothing is more important than protecting your product’s recipes and methodologies.” “They are the most valuable asset your business has.” Having non-compete and confidentiality agreements in place could protect these assets, and prevent competitors from imitating your product. Mr. Kizner also says that it is important to periodically review your non-compete and confidentiality agreements “to ensure that they comply with new legal decisions.”

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