After a protracted test of wills between alimony reformers and traditionalists, a new alimony statute was signed into law by Governor Christie on September 10, 2014. The new law, which is immediately effective, will serve to meet the competing needs of divorcing couples by balancing increased uniformity with judicial discretion in terms of alimony awards.

The new law deals with four major areas, each of which will be explored in detail by our family law attorneys in forthcoming blogs on this site. Although the more radical reformers sought explicit provisions with respect to the amount and duration of alimony, the law does not impose such templates but leaves the amount and to a lesser extent the length of alimony subject to legal principles which have guided our courts for decades. The new law also clarifies such vexing issues as the impact of unemployment or retirement and the consequences of an alimony recipient’s cohabitation other than by remarriage. Stay tuned to this site for further information concerning this significant legal development which will impact divorcing and divorced persons throughout New Jersey.