As Chair of the Land Use Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and with the extensive efforts of the Section’s membership, we have advanced a position which opposes the latest round proposed COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) regulations as unconstitutional and in direct contravention of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s directive. These regulations continue to burden affordable housing in New Jersey despite better than 20 years since COAH last adopted constitutional regulations. It is important to the residents and employers of the State of New Jersey that there be opportunities for affordable housing.

Individuals are migrating out of state and employers are often not willing to invest in New Jersey due to the high cost of housing. The latest proposal simply sets up years of additional litigation challenging the apparent unconstitutionality of the regulations without providing a realistic opportunity for achieving much needed housing. Based upon our collective efforts, the Bar Association has taken a needed and appropriate position by strongly opposing the longstanding failure by COAH. We thank them for that support.