Stark & Stark was featured in the New Jersey Law Journal article, “Firms Entrenched in Princeton Seeing Practice Areas Grow,” which was published on July 28, 2014. The article discusses how Princeton, New Jersey is still an excellent place for established firms, like Stark & Stark, to maintain an office, with business on the rise post-recession.

Lewis Pepperman, Managing Partner of Stark & Stark’s business side, was quoted saying, “It’s definitely turned back to a growth market….With the economy staying strong, I think a lot of business [practice] areas are going to get better and better.”

For over 80 years Stark & Stark, New Jersey’s largest “homegrown” firm in Princeton, has developed innovative solutions to meet each client’s needs. Offering nearly 110 attorneys, 32 practice areas, and a philosophy of putting the law to work for our clients is the basis from which we build and maintain our relationships.

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