Rounding out the available manufacturers licenses available in New Jersey are the Rectifier and Blender License and the Bonded Warehouse Bottling License.

The Rectifier and Blender License permits its holder, subject to rules and regulations, to:  (i) rectify, blend, treat and mix distilled alcoholic beverages; (ii) fortify, blend and treat fermented alcoholic beverages; and (iii) prepare mixtures of alcoholic beverages.  These products can then be sold and distributed to licensed wholesalers and retailers either within or outside New Jersey.  The holder of this license may also maintain a warehouse.  The license fee is $7,500.

The Bonded Warehouse Bottling License allows, subject to rules and regulations, for the bottling of alcoholic beverages in bond on behalf of all persons authorized by Federal and State law and regulations to withdraw alcoholic beverages from bond.  This license can only be issued to persons holding permits to operate Internal Revenue bonded warehouses pursuant to Federal law.  The fee for this license is $625.

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