To survive and thrive, landlords need to adapt.  If you fail to adapt, you can be hurt.  You can suffer lost tenants, lost rents, and missed opportunities.  Additionally, you can suffer damages, from vacancies to bankruptcies.  The good news is that landlords can adapt and benefit in many ways.

Landlords Can Maximize Opportunities Now.  Some Landlords Buy, Finance, Improve, and Sell Properties Now and take advantage of historically low interest rates, available financing, and rising property values. Some improve properties to offer exciting experiences and delicious dining to attract and retain tenants and shoppers.  Some discover that As Interest Rates Increase, It’s Time to Consider Refinancing.  Some enjoy that Landlords Profit from Data Centers.  Some find that Property Owners Can Cut Costs and Increase Income Now and benefit from Proactive Profitability.  Others save money by consulting with counsel to Reduce Real Estate Taxes Now before the deadline.

Landlords Can Minimize Risks Now.  Successful landlords also benefit by improving leases and obtaining rights they need to succeed.  Some benefit by obtaining rights needed to improve properties and avoid pitfalls that can kill deals, prevent operation and development, and cause lost rent and damages, such as 5 Lease Landmines To Avoid.  Some benefit by improving construction contracts, and using estoppel certificates and releases to prevent problems, and lien and claim waivers to avoid claims.  Some are Managing Risk and Critical Components of Disaster Planning.  Others get deals done fast while reducing risks, by resolving Issues for Landlords Asking for Guaranties, and Completing Deals and Resolving Disputes Now.

These are just a few examples of how you can succeed with the help of experienced counsel. Evaluating your leases and other legal documents and issues requires careful review on an individual basis with experienced counsel.  The attorneys in Stark & Stark’s Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Group can help you minimize risks, maximize opportunities, and meet your needs.