In business, there is a need for speed, and justice delayed can be justice denied.  If you fail to act quickly, you can lose opportunities, such as historically low interest rates, available financing, and rising property values.  Delays can also cost you money and damages, from delayed delivery dates to delayed opening dates.  As time passes, other bad things can happen, from bankruptcies to vacancies.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take now to quickly complete your deals and resolve your disputes with the help of experienced counsel.  Let Stark & Stark assist by helping you get your deals DONE (Deadlines, Organizing, Not giving up, and Expediting) now.    

Deadlines help to get deals done and resolve disputes faster.  Having a common goal to shoot for makes it easier to reach that goal more quickly.  For example, you can seek to condition your deals on completion by your requested deadline.  Your deadline can then help to expedite the negotiation and drafting of letters of intent, leases, amendments, contracts, and other documents.  Your deadline can also help to expedite the resolution of disputes, especially if you consider all available dispute resolution options, such as the new, faster, Commercial Arbitration Rules that apply to cases filed as of October 1, 2013.  It is essential to consult counsel to ensure that you do not lose any rights by missing deadlines, such as deadlines to file claims that may be hidden in your documents like buried landmines, and statutory deadlines, such as deadlines to file tax appeals and other claims.   

Organizing your team and resources is important to meet or beat your deadline.  It is easier to overcome challenges and finish fast if everyone is working together toward your deadline with a coordinated strategy.  For example, you can expedite matters in advance and prevent problems by improving your procedures and documents, such as including language needed to expedite collection in your jurisdiction.  The recent win of the America’s Cup by Oracle Team USA reminds us that preparation and teamwork can lead to victory.

Not Giving Up is also important for rapid results.  Like other great teams, Oracle Team USA did not give up when they were behind and came back to win.  If at first you don’t succeed in meeting your deadline, you can try again to meet another deadline as soon as possible.  Viewing every step as an opportunity to complete and improve your transaction or resolve your dispute, makes it more likely to quickly minimize risks and maximize opportunities.  

Expediting deals and resolving disputes depends on relationships. It is essential to be aware of every opportunity to build and strengthen relationships.  For example, quickly resolving easier issues first can help build relationships that make it possible to quickly resolve more difficult issues.  Strong relationships have many other benefits.  

Evaluating legal issues with your transaction or dispute requires careful review on an individual basis with experienced counsel.  The attorneys in Stark & Stark’s Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Group understand the immediacy of “now” and what getting things DONE can mean to help you minimize risks, maximize opportunities, and meet your needs.