Stark & Stark Shareholder Maria P. Imbalzano and attorney Corrine E. Cooke in the firm’s Divorce Group were featured in the article "Collaboration As An Option for Divorce," published in U.S.1 on May 8, 2013.  The article discusses the option of Collaborative Divorce, and how it differs from mediation and arbitration.

A collaborative divorce occurs when spouses sit down together before any court paperwork is filed and work out the details of a divorce independent of the court system and its time tables.  "Ms. Imbalzano says that judges tend to be kind to divorce cases in which amicable settlement has been reached, and the process could be just a few months."  

According to the article, "Cooke says that one advantage of arbitration is that if there is a complicated issue to resolve, like a business, an expert in the matter can help streamline the settlement."

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