Maria P. Imbalzano, Shareholder in Stark & Stark’s Divorce Group, authored the article, Should Child Support Be Reduced When a Child Attends College?, published on March 13, 2013 in US1 Newspaper.

The article discusses the issues faced by parties post-divorce when determining how much each parent must pay toward college expenses for their child or children.  This issue, Ms. Imbalzano explains, is closely linked to the matter of paying child support, and whether college expenses fall under the category of child support.

Ms. Imbalzano explains, “There is no presumption that a child’s required financial support lessens just because that child is attending college and living on campus.”  She goes on to explain that, in order to establish how child support is determined for a child in college, “we must look to the child support stature as well as case law, which advises us to analyze all of the financial circumstances of both parties and the child as well as the child’s abilities.”

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