A. Christopher Florio, Shareholder in Stark & Stark’s Community Associations Group, was featured in the article “Limits of Board Power: Use vs. Abuse- and How to Tell the Difference” in the January 2013 edition of the New Jersey Cooperator.
The article explains the boundaries and limitations in within which a condominium or community association board should operate.  It discusses what the law says about the power of a board, the differences in power between the boards of co-ops and condominiums, the safety and security issues which should be handled by boards, as well as other issues which should and should not be handled by boards.  
Mr. Florio explained that “the powers are always going to be enumerated in the bylaws.”  He went on to say that “What is also helpful here in New Jersey is the Condo Statute that aids us from a statutory standpoint- what additional powers there may be for the condo if they are not set forth in the bylaws.”   Mr. Florio goes on to explain the issues surrounding the power to install security measures in a condo or co-op, and when membership approval is necessary.