Renewable energy opportunities continue to exist and will likely increase drastically in the future. One of the concerns here in New Jersey is the need to extend, accelerate or expand the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) opportunities.

SRECs are those credits purchased by power companies for the production of solar energy. Given that solar energy facility production has exceeded expectations, creating a glut of SRECs available for purchase, the value of the SRECs have dropped to less than half of the pre-glut value.

The newly adopted New Jersey Energy Master Plan proposes to accelerate the purchasing obligation of utilities, or take other actions to stabilize the SREC market, and therefore may improve the value of SRECs and increase the ability to finance solar energy facilities. That, along with ongoing federal tax credits, create the opportunity for New Jersey to continue to be one of the national leaders in solar energy production, currently second only to California.

However, one significant component of solar energy facilities is the cost of the solar panels themselves. A recent report conducted by Science Daily concludes that the cost of solar panels has dropped by 70% since 2009, significantly enhancing opportunities to make solar energy production a more attractive investment for those producing and selling energy as well as those building net-metered energy facilities, providing energy for on-site use.

For the foregoing reasons, opportunities and profitability of solar energy continues to increase and should be considered by most property owners, including those that might have declined to pursue solar energy as recently as a few months ago. Below is the link to the Science Daily article discussing the huge drop is the cost of solar panels.