On November 4, 2011, I was a panelist at the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education’s seminar located in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The topic was “Community Association Law Summit: Top Ten Topics for 2011".

The topic I presented in the afternoon session was centered around association financial problems, particularly collecting monies from members in order to keep the corporation solvent. The attendees were advised the underlying authority by which an association must and can collect maintenance fees, and I then proceeded to take the attendees through the process from the issuance of a collection letter, to obtaining a money judgment against a particular member, and how to successfully collect once that judgment is in place. As this is a heavily discussed and important topic during these trying economic times, interest was heightened as these attendees, mostly attorneys were able to take away certain nuances that may help them in their individual practices in representing their clients to successfully collect money.

Over 145 attendees were present for this all-day seminar. These types of seminars are terrific
vehicles for fellow attorneys to share various perspectives and approaches in achieving successful conclusions for a client.