Thanks to the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, a Hudson County jury has awarded a group of 16 condominium owners just under $4 million in a lawsuit against the Developer for making false promises and misrepresenting the view from its units.  The jury found that the Developer misled potential buyers of units at the Shore Club in Jersey City by claiming that they would have “breathtaking” and “panoramic views” of New York City.  In fact some of the promotional materials depicted “unobstructed views” of the city skyline.  However, after moving into the building, the unit owners discovered that their views were being replaced with a neighboring high rise being built by the same developer that also promised spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.

In materials given to Shore Club buyers, the neighboring building was depicted as an unimposing 12-story high rise.  However, when it was built, the neighboring AquaBlu ended up being 32 stories tall.  Ultimately, the jury awarded each unit owner 20 percent of what they paid for their units, presumably the increased value of a unit with a view of the skyline.  Under the NJ Consumer Fraud Act, that amount could be trebled, making the total judgment just under $4 million.

This case is an example of how New Jersey protects its citizens from consumer fraud.  If you purchase a townhome or condominium unit and rely upon certain information provided by the Developer and that information proves to be untrue, then you may have recourse in the court system and should speak to a consumer fraud lawyer to learn more about your rights.