John S. Eory, Shareholder and Co-Chair of Stark & Stark’s Divorce Group, authored the article, Current Trends in Custody Evaluations, for the June 13, 2011 New Jersey Law Journal’s Family Law Supplement.

The article discusses the recent trend among matrimonial attorneys, forensic experts and family judges who employ alternatives to the standard custody and parenting time evaluative model. Mr. Eory reviews Focused Evaluations which are designed to explore specific areas of concern, such as the appropriateness of overnight parenting time, allow for the isolation and resolution of primary issues. A growing recognition of age-appropriate parenting time is another development wherein the emphasis is on the quantity and frequency of parenting time is based on the developmental age of the child. Additionally, Mr. Eory discusses the growing recognition and use of Custody Neutral Assessments, including the pros and cons from the psychological, legal and judicial perspective.

You can read the full article online here. (PDF)