On March 3, 2011, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed Senate bill S2126, which I have dubbed the “solar landfill bill” and summarized on February 7, 2011.  Judging from the Governor’s veto message, it appears that Governor Christie is inclined toward approving this bill; provided, however, that the Legislature agrees to insert “some technical changes . . . needed to accomplish the intention of the legislation concerning the existing landfill and resource extraction operations within the Pinelands area.” 


For example, the Governor wants to eliminate the requirement that a resource extraction operation must be both “closed” and “operated pursuant to a resource extraction permit on or after December 31, 1985" in order to host a solar or photovoltaic energy facility or structure.  According to the Governor’s veto message these “technical changes” were recommended “by the Pinelands Commission and [the] primary sponsor of this legislation.”  As such, it is probably only a matter of time before the solar landfill bill becomes law.