Before the Great Recession pounced on us in the summer of 2008, the hottest legislation to hit Capitol Hill was “card check,” otherwise known as the Employee Free Choice Act.  In general, the Act would make union organization much simpler, eliminating formal voting and replacing it with members simply filling out cards until the requisite number was reached to justify the formation of a union local.  Legislation seemed to be on a rapid trajectory to President Obama’s desk but has gotten lost in the various wars, recession, oil spill and health care reform. 


With finance reform now being the hot topic of the day, “card check” has apparently been left behind.  Although attempts were made at the beginning of the year to attach it to other pieces of legislation, it was clear that the bill must raise or fall on its own merit.  Given the “centrist” position that President Obama has taken with regard to financial/economic matters, it seems unlikely that he will champion what is arguably the most favorable pro-union bill to be considered in decades.  Still, the President and his party cannot rely on union support forever if they fail to take action on what has been the Union’s legislative “baby.”  They may pay a price at the polls.