In an effort to protect beach going summer renters, owners in several New Jersey beach towns, such as Stone Harbor, will be required to obtain a renter’s licenses in order to in order to legally rent their common interest community units. The license will include, among other things, registration with the local municipality and a fire inspection.  The inspections will have to be conducted each year, at the cost of the owner, in order to maintain compliance with the law and avoid costly fines.  The program in Stone Harbor, for example, begins for the 2010 rental season, if it passes through an upcoming council vote. 

If a common interest community unit fails inspection, it cannot be occupied until it passes. If it’s already occupied at the time of inspection, then the owner has 30 days from that time to make repairs or corrections. An owner of a rental may get another five (5) days to make repairs after re-inspection within the 30-day period.  Of interest to common interest community association owners who rent their units, each condo unit will be considered a separate rental, which will require a separate inspection.  However, a valid inspection from the Department of Community Affairs, which inspects condominiums and multiple dwellings every five (5) years to ensure compliance with the construction, housing and fire codes, will satisfy the license requirements, at least for the year that the DCA inspects the condo.  Check with your local municipal offices to see if there are similar requirements for renting your condominium unit or house.