Previously Stark & Stark’s Divorce Law Group posted a blog discussing Pre Nuptial Agreements. The recently publicized Mel Gibson divorce, gives real meaning to the value of a Pre Nuptial Agreement.

It would appear from early press reports that as much as several hundred million dollars may be in issue in the Gibson divorce and that there is no pre nuptial agreement. It would be presumptuous to say that  Mel Gibson should have had a pre nuptial agreement. None of us know the background of the parties marriage or what their assets were at the time of their marriage 28 years ago. But, certainly this divorce will highlight to all of us the value of Pre Nuptial agreements and the consequences of a divorce with or without an agreement.

Persons contemplating a second marriage, a marriage later in life or those that have accumulated assets at the time of their marriage should revisit Megan Smith’s article and seek competent legal advice as to the advisability of a Pre Nuptial Agreement.