Legal Briefs On Divorce is a video podcast series providing viewers with a discussion on timely news and insight on current trends impacting divorce. This installment of Legal Briefs On Divorce is an interview with John S. Eory, Shareholder in Stark & Stark’s Divorce Group, and Len Rossine, Divorce Lending Specialist with Bank of America.


Mr. Eory and Mr. Rossine discuss the obstacles people will often face when going through a divorce in relation to their mortgage such as, “Can I afford to keep my home after my divorce?” or “What is the best way to split the equity in my home during my divorce?” Mr. Eory and Mr. Rossine offer several possible solutions to these questions and provide tips on how to deal with your financial situation early on in your divorce case.

Legal Briefs On Divorce With John Eory & Len Rossine from Stark & Stark on Vimeo.