To add to their other current woes, it is anticipated that New Jersey employers will soon be faced with higher employee costs due to proposed federal legislation known as “Card Check.” This legislation will make union organization far simpler in the Garden State (and everywhere else).  In general, “card check” removes the “secret ballot” from the union organization process.  Union organization will be largely accomplished by getting potential union members to simply sign a card indicating their desire to unionize. 

Opponents of the bill think this will lead to intimidation and threats to employees who do not wish to unionize – and will inevitably increase labor costs.  Backers of the legislation state that this step is necessary to revitalize union organization in the United States and will lead to higher wages for employees.  Most federal Democratic Party legislators favor the legislation, while most Republican Party members of Congress oppose it.  Given the new balance of power in Washington, passage of “card check” legislation is almost a certainty.  Look for passage of this legislation within the first 100 days of the new administration.