If the Governing Documents of a Condominium Association provide that the powers and duties of such Association are to be exercised through a Board of Directors/Trustees, elected by the Association’s membership, then all meetings of that Board (except conferences or work sessions where no votes are taken), shall be open to the Association’s membership. However, Boards may restrict attendance of the membership at meetings, at which certain topics are discussed. Indeed, an open meeting is not the “PLACE” to discuss the following topics:

P– Privacy: any matter that, if disclosed, would constitute an unwarranted invasion of individual privacy;

L-Litigation and Contract Negotiations: any pending or anticipated litigation, or contract negotiation;

A-C– Attorney Client Privilege: any topic that falls under an attorney client privilege, to the extent that confidentiality is required in order for an attorney to exercise his duties as a lawyer to the Association;

E-Employment: Any matter involving the employment, discipline, dismissal or promotion of an officer or employee of the Association.

The PLACE for discussion of any of the above topics is a meeting where attendance is restricted to Board members. 5:20(1.1).