Franchisors and their counsel are not the only ones scrambling to digest the intricacies of the revised FTC Rule. Citing the challenges in examiners having to learn a new disclosure format, the franchise coordinated review program has been suspended indefinitely.  The suspension went into effect on July 31, 2007. 

The coordinated review program was adopted to streamline the franchise registration process.  It provided franchisors with the ability to simultaneously register their franchise offering in two or more participating states.  A lead examiner would then be assigned to coordinate and oversee the registration process among the states.  Prior to the suspension, 11 states participated in the program. 

The future of the coordinated review program is not known.  However, state administrators plan to re-evaluate the program after July 1, 2008, when the new disclosure format becomes mandatory and examiners will no longer have to review disclosures under both the new and old formats.