The New Jersey Law Journal featured Stark & Stark’s New Jersey Law Blog in an article earlier this week discussing the concerns over blogs and what effect they can have on a firm’s insurance coverage.

The article discusses the recent surge in law firms using blogs to exhibit their legal expertise in various practice areas, and how insurance companies are becoming increasingly cautious of what content firms place on their blogs.

The article states that just as with websites, blogs need to have strong declaimers in order to notify the general public accessing the blog, that the information posted in no way serves as legal advice. Recent incidents over the past few years in which declaimers were not used, or were not strong enough, opened companies up to multiple lawsuits.

" ‘We’re very diligent’ about the disclaimer, says Richard DeLuca, business manager at Stark & Stark in Princeton, which started its first blog in 2004. He adds that the firm’s premiums did not increase."

While many are aware of the concern of increased liabilities, few seem to have actually seen the effects as of yet.