We are pleased to announce that we have completed our redesign of the New Jersey Law Blog.  The blog’s new design allows visitors to easily locate information that interests them and provides a richer and more productive visit. One major aspect of the new design is the availability of multiple subscription methods.

The blog now offers more than 60 separate RSS feeds which allows visitors to subscribe to the topical areas, individual authors or media format of interest to them.

One of the more unique aspects of the redesigned blog is the availability of an embedded Flash player that allows visitors to listen to any of the more than 40 author introductions.  Each attorney author has recoded a brief audio introduction which gives visitors insight to their particular capabilities and experience.  The embedded player allows the visitor to listen any of these introductions without leaving the blog or opening a secondary audio player.   Our weekly New Jersey Legal Update podcast also plays through this embedded player and is still available as a free download through the blog as well as at the iTunes music store.

You can read an extended press release about the New Jersey Law Blog redesign here.