Technological advances have impacted virtually every aspect of modern life. Robert Ambrogi points to a recent story from CNN which shows how video conferencing capabilities now impact divorced parents and their children.

In New Jersey, the concept of virtual parenting time is not a new one. In fact, Justice Long cited the availability of video conferencing, email and similar technology in the New Jersey Supreme Court decision of Baures v. Lewis which she authored. That case made it easier for the residential custodian to relocate out of the state with the child.

While virtual visitation is an option for parents that may serve to ease the hardship caused by a physical separation from a child, it is clearly not the same as in-person parenting time. Divorced parents should explore this option as a means of maintaining their bond with their child. It is convenient and becoming more and more cost effective. As today’s society becomes increasingly mobile it can be expected that technology will continue to have an impact on families of divorce.

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