The Barista of Bloomfield Ave. has a good discussion going on regarding the redevelopment battle brewing in Bloomfield.

Excerpt from the Barista’s post:

Official Bloomfield sees the project to improve Bloomfield’s Downtown a chance to turn a sagging retail district into a vibrant transportation village with condos across the street from Midtown Direct and upscale shopping. Downtown merchants see it as an abuse of eminent domain, in which the town is forcing them to sell their businesses, below market value, with a big out-of-state developer standing to gain the most from the deal.

The post is chock full of links to relevant eminent domain topics including Kelo and Utah’s recent decision to ban eminent domain use by redevelopment agencies.

You can also make your voice heard by voting on the question: Should the Town of Bloomfield be able to take the property in Bloomfield Center by eminent domain?. As of this post, the “No’s” had it 84 to 48.