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Latent or Hidden Defects in the Sale of A Residence

Posted in Litigation

When you are either purchasing or selling a residence, you will become familiar with the Seller’s Disclosure Statement which is provided by a seller of a residence. This Statement is designed to disclose all known defects and/or issues with the residence to a purchaser. While some of the issues may be readily apparent to the… Continue Reading

Should I Sue My Home Improvement Contractor?

Posted in Litigation

Virtually every homeowner at some point has hired a home improvement contractor to provide materials or services with regard to work on their residence, whether to increase the value of the home, or simply to perform repairs due to damages caused by other circumstances. Obviously, if the home improvement contractor does an extraordinary job and… Continue Reading

New Jersey Appellate Court Permits Employers to Reduce The Statute of Limitations for New Jersey Based Employment Claims Under Certain Circumstances

Posted in Litigation

A New Jersey Appellate Court was presented with deciding “whether a contractual provision, contained in an employment application, by which the employee waives the two year statute of limitations applicable to claims against the employer and shortens the period for such claims to six months” is enforceable?