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The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA)

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A company that invents original technologies, unique compositions, or special development processes (“IP”) knows intuitively that it must protect those interests to stay ahead of the competition. However, knowing how to protect that IP is not quite so instinctual.

Delay in Bringing Suit Is No Bar to Copyright Infringement Claims

Posted in Intellectual Property

How long does a copyright owner have to bring suit for copyright infringement? The answer is three years from the date of the last infringement, regardless of when the very first infringement occurred. Copyright law follows the “separate-accrual rule,” which provides for a new three-year statute of limitations each time an infringement occurs. While the… Continue Reading

Uniform Federal Protection for Trade Secrets Under the Newly Passed Defend Trade Secrets Act Of 2016

Posted in Intellectual Property

Trade secrets, amorphously defined as any confidential business information which gives an enterprise a competitive edge, have not had much federal protection as compared to other intellectual property vehicles such as copyrights, trademarks and patents. Traditionally, trade secret misappropriation cases have been litigated in state court using state law. Even though the majority of states… Continue Reading