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Pontiff’s Visit to Philadelphia (Part III) – Top Five (5) Last Minute Tips for Landlords/Owners

Posted in Commercial, Retail & Industrial Real Estate, Insurance Coverage & Liability

It’s just a few days away! The papal visit is expected to bring more than 2 million visitors to the Philadelphia area. Our last two articles (here and here) dealt with the positive economic impacts for the region and managing the masses during this event. Here are five (5) tips that should be at the… Continue Reading

New Insurance Offering: Ebola Business Interruption Coverage

Posted in Insurance Coverage & Liability

The insurance industry is reacting to the recent realities that the Ebola virus has the potential to have an impact on U.S. based businesses. NAS Insurance Services recently announced that it will offer Ebola Business Interruption Coverage in conjunction with Prospect Insurance Brokers Ltd and the Ark Syndicate at Lloyd’s of London. This coverage is… Continue Reading

Beware of Time Limits for Homeowners to Sue Their Insurance Carriers

Posted in Insurance Coverage & Liability

Most homeowner’s policies issued in New Jersey contain statutes of limitation for filing a lawsuit against an insurance carrier where the homeowner (insured), disagrees with the insurance carrier’s claim payment amount, or refusal to make any payment on a claim. In a recent unpublished United States District Court opinion, Turkmany v. Excelsior Insurance, the court… Continue Reading

Honesty Required When Homeowners Bring a Fire Loss Insurance Claim

Posted in Insurance Coverage & Liability

Insureds filing a fire loss claim against their homeowner’s insurance carrier for property damage and loss of personal property must not conceal or misrepresent any material fact or circumstance in presenting the claim. In a recent unreported Appellate Division case in New Jersey, Masaitis v. Allstate, plaintiffs (the homeowners) sued Allstate for significant fire loss… Continue Reading

Senior Citizen Life Insurance Policies and Designating a Third Party to Receive Notice

Posted in Insurance Coverage & Liability

A recent unpublished decision by a N.J. federal district judge addressed whether an insurance company can be forced to pay out $300,000 on a life insurance policy purchased by a senior who stopped paying premiums before his death.  Smith v. Conseco. The New Jersey legislature enacted a statute, effective in 2000, requiring insurers to remind… Continue Reading

The Impact of “Tolling” on Sandy Suit Deadlines

Posted in Insurance Coverage & Liability

With the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy fast approaching, policyholders who sustained damage during the storm who have not yet settled their insurance claims, may be running up against some contractually imposed deadlines. Most insurance policies limit the time period within which an insured is permitted to file suit against an insurer for the insurer’s failure to provide benefits under the policy. Insurance policies are considered contracts, and normally in New Jersey an aggrieved party has up to six years to sue for an alleged breach of contract. However, parties are free to enter into contracts that contain terms which restrict rights that would otherwise be available to one party or the other. In the insurance context, policy provisions which limit the time period within which an insured is permitted to sue are found in virtually all policies.