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College Contribution after Divorce

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Many parents are confused in the midst of their divorce when the topic of “college contribution” comes into the conversation. “My parents didn’t pay for my college expenses and I didn’t think I would have to pay for his (or hers)!” In all likelihood, most people did not previously think of the possibility of being… Continue Reading

Savings Component Awards: Analyzing the Change of Circumstance Argument

Posted in Divorce, Stark News

Stark & Stark attorney David A. Beaver, member of the firm’s Divorce Group, authored the article “Savings Component Awards: Analyzing the Change of Circumstance Argument,” which was published in the February 2015 edition of New Jersey Family Lawyer (a publication from the New Jersey State Bar Association). The article discusses three important factors that should be… Continue Reading

Divorce Mediation: Utilizing Attorney Resources during the Divorce Process

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With Court backlogs and increasing costs of litigation, many individuals are utilizing the mediation process to resolve their divorce issues. As an attorney that has been trained in alternative dispute resolution, I believe that with the right set of facts, parties should strongly consider mediation in lieu of litigating their matter. Traditionally, parties engage mediation… Continue Reading

Tax Issues in Divorce: Real Estate Itemization Credits

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With the April 15th tax filing deadline quickly approaching, I am beginning to see an increase of the tax-related issues arise in my client’s cases.  The right of either of the parties to claim itemized deductions associated with the real estate taxes and mortgage interest paid on the marital residence is a frequent issue of… Continue Reading

Does Equitable Distribution of a Pension Allow for Termination of Alimony Upon Retirement?

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It has long been held that in order to equitably distribute a State pension (or other defined benefit pension), you apply a percentage of the coverture fraction to determine what the non-employed spouse shall receive upon the employed spouse’s retirement. The coverture fraction is determined with the numerator being the number of years and months… Continue Reading

Can Parents Agree to Waive Child Support in Consideration for a Waiver of Visitation?

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I have encountered this question, or variations of it, with some frequency over the years. My answer, while surprising to some, is always “no.” This is not to say that parties are barred from entering into settlement agreements concerning their children; on the contrary, New Jersey law strongly favors such settlements and will not interfere with… Continue Reading

Changing Your Beneficiaries After Divorce

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The great majority of divorcing couples in New Jersey resolve their issues in the form of a Marital Settlement Agreement (a.k.a. Property Settlement Agreement). In addition to a division of marital assets, such Agreements may include a waiver of certain assets, such as life insurance or retirement benefits. Although New Jersey, as well as many… Continue Reading

New Jersey Palimony Agreements Revisited

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Palimony agreements are entered into between two parties who are not married, wherein one party promises to financially support the other party during his/her lifetime. Most palimony agreements are oral. On January 18, 2010, there was an amendment enacted to the Statute of Frauds which required palimony agreements to be in writing. The question that… Continue Reading

A Pre-School Primer for Divorced Parents

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In an important recent opinion, Superior Court Judge Lawrence Jones (Ocean County) examined the competing claims of divorced parents regarding their child’s pre-school selection and issued a new set of legal principles to be applied if parents cannot agree. Judge Jones approached the task by considering the interplay between parental rights and the role of pre-school… Continue Reading

Safeguard Your Online Presence Before It’s Too Late

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Social media surrounds almost all of us. Statistically speaking, over 70% of you reading this article are probably social media users, whether you utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Google Plus, various dating websites, a combination of several of these, or numerous others. In this digital age where cell phones and tablet devices are so… Continue Reading