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Divorce Arbitration – How it Works and Why it’s Right

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Divorce arbitration is an effective method of dispute resolution which has been recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court as an alternative to conventional litigation. Given the severe backlog in the New Jersey court system and the difficulty obtaining consecutive hearing dates and receiving timely decisions, more divorcing parties are turning to arbitration to resolve… Continue Reading

Little League Parent Syndrome

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In a case of first impression entitled D.W. v. M.W., the Hon. Lawrence Jones, J.S.C. (Ocean County), has warned parents that their right to attend their child’s Little League games was in potential jeopardy due to “inappropriate public criticism and disparagement of coach decisions.” The case, which has not concluded with a formal legal opinion, brings to… Continue Reading

The Termination of Child Support Law—Benefit or Burden?

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It is a common misconception that children automatically emancipate upon reaching the age of eighteen in New Jersey. In reality, there is no specific age when a child emancipates and child support payments terminate. In fact, New Jersey law is clear that such findings are always fact-sensitive based on the circumstances of each case.

Overnight Parenting Time and Homework

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In the world of family law, overnight parenting time during the school week is often a difficult issue to resolve, as recently demonstrated in the case of M.C. v. P.C., which was decided by the Hon. Lawrence Jones, J.S.C. on November 28, 2016.

Mandatory Post-ESP Mediation

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If your case does not settle at Early Settlement Panel, you are required to attend a mediation session with a mediator, either from the approved list of mediators or any other mediator. If you choose a mediator from the approved list, the first two hours are free. The first hour is used by the mediator… Continue Reading

Free Seminars Examine the Differences between Collaborative & Litigated Divorce

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Stark & Stark Shareholder Maria P. Imbalzano and Associate Corrine E. Cooke will be presenting three upcoming seminars entitled Understanding the Difference between a Collaborative Divorce & a Litigated Divorce. Each seminar will be held on a different time and day but the content will be identical. The seminar will examine the aspects of collaborative… Continue Reading