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Early Settlement Program (ESP) in Divorce Cases

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Due to the inordinate time, expense, and lack of judicial resources available for divorce cases, the New Jersey Courts have implemented settlement alternatives to court proceedings. One of these is the Early Settlement Program (ESP) which helps parties in a divorce reach a settlement in advance of a distant court date.  Represented by attorneys, the… Continue Reading

Loss of Employment and Alimony

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New Jersey’s recently enacted alimony statute deals with modification of alimony in the event the payor loses his/her job through no fault of their own. Even though this law allows a payor to seek modification once the payor has been without employment for 90 days, there is not an automatic termination or reduction. The Court… Continue Reading

How to Prepare for Divorce Financially

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As I always tell my clients, knowledge is power. Although getting a divorce can be devastating, frightening, and unsettling, there are ways you can take control to put yourself in a better position. Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you begin to plan for your divorce:

Valuation or Calculation in a Divorce Case?

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Many divorce cases include a determination of the value of a business for purposes of equitable distribution between the parties. Whether the business in question is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, establishing a sound and supportable value is essential. The first step is to engage a skilled valuation analyst. The second and equally important… Continue Reading

When Does Child Support Begin?

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There are many rules in our court system pertaining to the filing of pleadings. In order to start a divorce case in court, a Complaint for Divorce must be filed. The date the complaint is marked “filed” is generally the date we use for valuing assets and debts subject to equitable distribution. In order to… Continue Reading

Appeals of Family Court Judgments

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For those unaware, after a Lower Court makes a final decision in a family court case, either party has a right to appeal that decision to the Appellate Court. A Notice of Appeal must be filed, along with any other relevant documents, within 45 days of the date of the entry of the Judgment. The… Continue Reading

Divorce Arbitration—The Time Is Now

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The bad news: The Courts are backlogged; Judges are overworked; decisions are delayed; and appeals can take years. The good news: You can opt out of the above by submitting your case to divorce arbitration; a forward-looking method of dispute resolution which has gained popularity in New Jersey and many other states.