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Divorce Arbitration Update

Posted in Arbitration, Divorce

Divorce arbitration is being used much more frequently by divorcing persons in lieu of protracted and fragmented court proceedings. As a certified family law arbitrator, I can vouch for the advantages to those who decide to arbitrate instead of litigate their cases. Recently, I posted an article concerning the “nuts and bolts” of divorce arbitration…. Continue Reading

Mobile Phones and Evidence

Posted in Divorce

Rarely are legal processes ahead of technological innovations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in domestic violence trials where text messages, emails, social media messages and audio/visual information are often important to the outcome. However, most of this information is typically contained on a mobile phone or tablet. How does such information make its way… Continue Reading

Stark & Stark Attorney David A. Beaver Quoted in Divorcing Advice Article

Posted in Divorce, Stark News

David A. Beaver, member of the Family Law Group, was quoted in the article Mediation for Divorce: 10 Experts Share Tips for Success, which was published in Divorcing Advice on October 22, 2015. The article discusses the benefits of seeking out mediation during a divorce instead of opting for the more traditional court case. Mediations… Continue Reading

How to Be Financially Prepared for a Divorce

Posted in Divorce

A divorce can be a very emotionally draining process. Because of the emotions involved, few people consider that a divorce can also be taxing on one’s financial security. Financial mistakes that were made years ago, even prior to marriage, can come back and be a major factor in one’s divorce. Therefore, it is important to… Continue Reading

Attorney David A. Beaver Published on

Posted in Divorce, Stark News

David A. Beaver, member of the Family Law Group, authored the article Divorce Mediation: A Useful Alternative to Traditional Litigation, which was published on on September 16, 2015. The article describes the benefits of seeking mediation for couples looking to start the divorce process. There has been a growing backlog within the court system,… Continue Reading

Stark & Stark Family Law Seminar Series

Posted in Divorce, Stark Events

Join Stark & Stark Shareholder Megan E. Smith for this series of informative seminars discussing topics relating to the Divorce Process, Child Support, College Contribution, Custody and Grandparents’ Rights. For more information about each seminar, or to RSVP, please see below. October 6, 2015, 5:30-6:30pm Breaking It Down: The Nuts & Bolts of the Divorce Process This seminar will… Continue Reading

The Flawed Domestic Violence Hearing

Posted in Divorce

Domestic violence is a serious offense and victims are entitled to the full protection of the law. At the same time, however, defendants must be afforded their due process rights in court, and judges must follow the law, not their individual philosophy, regarding the issuance of final restraining orders. This issue was recently highlighted in… Continue Reading

Grandparent Visitation Revisited

Posted in Divorce

Children of divorce are sometimes caught in the thorny legal thicket of “grandparent visitation.” No one wants to deny a child the benefits of having a good relationship with their grandparents. However, the situation is made more complicated by the right of a parent to raise their child or children as he or she sees… Continue Reading