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Custody and the Psychological Parent

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As far as families are concerned, there is a long-standing legal principle which generally permits parents to raise their children as they see fit without governmental interference. While that typically remains true, our courts are also granted inherent “parens patrie” authority, by which they are charged to protect the welfare and best interests of minor… Continue Reading

Powerball Winner & Divorce?

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With the upcoming Powerball jackpot being the largest in history ($1.5 billion), the issue of whether a lottery prize is subject to equitable distribution is certainly relevant, and may be a very real issue for some lucky winner(s). The answer to that inquiry is “it depends.” It depends on when the Complaint for Divorce is… Continue Reading

Southern New Jersey Divorce Mediation

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The divorce process can be a contentious one. This is because it involves the equitable distribution of assets and property by the divorcing couple, and could potentially involve child custody and support issues, so it can be a very emotional process for those involved. While parties can choose to go in front of a judge… Continue Reading

The Collaborative Divorce Process in South Jersey

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Unlike what you know of a traditional divorce, a collaborative divorce process is a mutually respectful, open-minded process that focuses on joint problem solving. The goal in a collaborative divorce is to reach an agreement without going to Court by developing an effective relationship with one’s ex-spouse that allows both parties to make joint decisions… Continue Reading

Untangling the Knots: Bankruptcy and Divorce

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Bankruptcy is the legal process by which the debt of the party filing for bankruptcy is discharged, thereby absolving a party of a portion of their debt. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy process is not as simple as it sounds, and it can be further complicated when the parties—or an individual—are in the middle of a divorce… Continue Reading

Court May Force Sale of House Post-Divorce

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Many issues arise after a Final Judgment of Divorce has been entered. One particularly prevalent issue in many cases has to do with the marital home. One party may wish to buy out the other party’s interest in said home, or trade it off against another asset. However, it is not always that easy. Generally,… Continue Reading

Divorce Arbitration Update

Posted in Arbitration, Divorce

Divorce arbitration is being used much more frequently by divorcing persons in lieu of protracted and fragmented court proceedings. As a certified family law arbitrator, I can vouch for the advantages to those who decide to arbitrate instead of litigate their cases. Recently, I posted an article concerning the “nuts and bolts” of divorce arbitration…. Continue Reading

Mobile Phones and Evidence

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Rarely are legal processes ahead of technological innovations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in domestic violence trials where text messages, emails, social media messages and audio/visual information are often important to the outcome. However, most of this information is typically contained on a mobile phone or tablet. How does such information make its way… Continue Reading