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Divorce Arbitration—The Time Is Now

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The bad news: The Courts are backlogged; Judges are overworked; decisions are delayed; and appeals can take years. The good news: You can opt out of the above by submitting your case to divorce arbitration; a forward-looking method of dispute resolution which has gained popularity in New Jersey and many other states.

Divorce Arbitration Update

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Divorce arbitration is being used much more frequently by divorcing persons in lieu of protracted and fragmented court proceedings. As a certified family law arbitrator, I can vouch for the advantages to those who decide to arbitrate instead of litigate their cases. Recently, I posted an article concerning the “nuts and bolts” of divorce arbitration…. Continue Reading

What is Divorce Arbitration?

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This article is about one of the most interesting and effective means of resolving contested divorce cases without resorting to traditional litigation. Divorce arbitration occupies a unique position in the growing field of alternate dispute resolution. Let’s start by stating what it is not. It is not mediation where divorcing parties meet with a trained… Continue Reading

Shareholder Certified as a Family Law Arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

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Stark & Stark Shareholder, John S. Eory, Esq., Co-Chair of the firm’s Family Law Group, has been certified as a family law arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). “Arbitration is a great courtroom alternative for those litigants who are unable to resolve their cases in mediation” says Lynn P. Burleson, former chair of… Continue Reading